Louis Vuitton Brea GM Epi Ivoire – Just the facts…review

Aloha Everyone!  Time for another review.  This time I’ll be reviewing the Louis Vuitton Brea GM Epi Ivoire.  Again, this will be a just the facts review with a couple of opinions at the end thrown in for good measure.

Name – Louis Vuitton Brea GM Epi Ivoire.  Note that this is the older version.

Price – $2600 purchased in Hawaii in January 2016.  This size bag was not on the Louis Vuitton website on 11/8/16, but the MM size was on the website for $2500.

Notes – The new version of the Brea is only in Vernis, no longer in Epi.  The website still has the MM size of the Brea Epi.  The Soufflot has replaced the Brea Epi.  There was no GM size on the website as of 11/8/16, just the MM size.  The price of the Soufflot MM Epi on the website was $2500.  The Soufflot has an outside pocket whereas the Brea Epi doesn’t.  The Soufflot also has rounder handles than the Brea Epi.

Dimensions – 

  • Length – 14.5 inches
  • Height – 11.25 inches
  • Width – 6 inches
  • Handle – 12 inches
  • Adjustable and removable strap length – 30.5 inches at the shortest; 34.5 inches at the longest.  Strap has 5 holes
  • Drop length – 4.75 inches for handle, 14.25 inches for shortest adjustable strap, 16.5 inches for longest adjustable strap

Features – 

  • Zipper closure
  • Inside zipped pocket
  • Inside ring to attach key chains, etc.
  • 2 inside flat pockets
  • Protective bottom studs

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

Zipper closure

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

Inside Zipped pocket

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

Inside ring to attach key chains, etc.

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

2 inside flat pockets

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

Protective bottom studs

Modeling shots – For reference, I am 5’9″

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

Holding handles

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

Elbow carry

Louis Vuitton Brea GM

Shoulder carry with strap

What fits inside the bag – My 4 basic must have items are my keys, wallet, iPhone 6+, and iPad mini.  I have a bonus second shot adding in an 11.6″ laptop computer to show how much room there is inside this bag.

My 4 items plus the bonus laptop
My 4 items plus the bonus laptop
My 4 items in the bag
My 4 items in the bag
4 items plus laptop
4 items plus laptop


  • Very roomy.  Can be used as a workbag and is good for carrying a laptop and files.
  • It has a zipper.  Things won’t fall out.
  • I use the inside ring to attach my class or hand sanitizer.
  • Handles are comfortable for hand carrying the bag.
  • The inside zipped pocket is good for carrying small items.
  • Strap is comfortable on the shoulder.


  • Zipper is hard to close when bag is full.
  • Handles are uncomfortable when trying to elbow carry the bag.
  • Although bag is comfortable as a shoulder bag, it feels awkward because the bag is so big.

An opinion or two

  • I bought this bag with the intended use of being a travel bag.  It easily fits all of my things.  However, the zipper is hard to close so I would have to leave it open.  This defeats the purpose of getting a travel bag with a zipper.
  • This bag is wonderful as a workbag because it carries so much.
  • I wouldn’t use this as an everyday bag because it’s so big.
  • Would I get the new Brea or the Soufflot?  Possibly.  The handles on both are more rounded so I think they would be better for elbow carry.  The zipper is the biggest downfall of the bag that I have, so if the zipper is better on either the new Brea or the Soufflot, I might consider buying it.
  • This is such a classy looking bag and I’m glad it’s part of my collection.  I just wish the zipper was better.

Thanks for reading this review.  I hope you found it useful.  Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below.  Thanks!




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