Be Prepared – Writing Blog Posts

Follow my blog with Bloglovin “Be Prepared”.  Are you a boy scout?  Neither am I.  However, “be prepared” seems like a wonderful motto for writing blog posts.

Vacation planning – An Example

Last blog post I promised to give an example of a trip I took so you could understand how I like to travel and if my travel tips will be worth your time reading.  Come along with me as I tell you about my epic trip to Hong Kong, Macau,…

Handbag reviews – What do you want to know?

I love to hear a good story about how someone got a cherished handbag that they long for.  However, that’s not what I want to know with handbag reviews.  When I look at a handbag review, I am looking for specific information that will help me decide if I want…

Introduction to Az How I Rollz

Hello world!  Welcome to my blog.  In this introduction we will go over 3 important points: Why a blog, How did I get my blog name, and What I hope to accomplish with this blog.